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John Deere Tractors

Our impressive fleet of over 20 John Deere tractors allows for use in a variety of job environments. From bush hogging steep Right of Ways to reclaiming overgrown areas, our 4-wheel drive tractors are outfitted for any job. Integrating safety in all aspects of the job site, the majority of our 5000 series models are fitted with custom made box cages. This insures the protection of our operators in the cases of working closely to trees & brush.

We also have a Side Boom Mower equipped to bush hog steep Right of ways, slopes, & deep ditches. We are also able to cut labor costs by side trimming with our Boom Mower by reaching areas that only a weed eater would be able to go.

Most notably incorporated into our tractor fleet is our Certified, Class A John Deere mechanic. Our full time warehouse Manager is hands-on in assuring that all of our equipment is regularly serviced and in excellent working conditions.

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