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Marsh Masters

The Marsh Master II is a fully amphibious track vehicle with the capability of carrying personnel and equipment through stump-filled swamps, floating marsh, peat bogs, as well as deep water crossings. The Marsh Master II has an all-welded aluminum body and is powered by a Detroit Diesel 87 hp turbo diesel coupled to a hydrostatic transmission. Our fleet of three Marsh Master IIs is presently being used simply because the MM-II can go through terrains that limit or stop other track type or wheel type vehicles. It is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and very reliable, making the MM-II an excellent solution for your wetland transportation needs. The compact and light weight design of the MM-II allows the machine to be towed without any special permit requirements.
Our larger machine, The Marsh Buggy, is used to transport our spraying equipment where other amphibious machinery is incapable of going. Our crews are able to transport hundreds of gallons of water to spray chemicals where water is scarce.

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